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All round earners must maintain at least 50% of their qualification points in remaining rounds to stay qualified. All contestants must be registered for National Conference. Symmetry Financial Group Master Agencies reserve the right to withhold an invitation should persistency fall below a minimum acceptable level. Qualification is determined based on records maintained by SFG. All contestants must be in good standing with SFG and all carriers in order to qualify. Qualifiers cannot have lead debt or any other debt owed to SFG or their upline at the time of the trip or the invitation will be rescinded. Agent must maintain a 150 PPL. Issue Paid business must be outside of Annuities. SFG Master Agencies, at their sole discretion, reserve the right to modify or change any of the qualifications or guidelines at any time. Any individual will only qualify once under producer or agency owner track. Qualifiers may not invite downline agents to accompany them on the trip unless the downline agent is a member of the qualifier’s family. Qualifiers will be held responsible for the actions of their guest. Qualifier is responsible for any upgrades, purchases and taxes associated with their room bill. If Qualifiers aren’t able to attend for any reason- including Covid, they will forfeit the award for themselves and their guest. There are no rain checks or cash payout equivalents. Qualifier is responsible for airfare and if desired, purchase of trip insurance.