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Agency Building & Hiring Resources:

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Interview Scripts:
The Key is to have a CONVERSATION! God gave us 2 ears and 1 mouth. this means while we do keep control of the conversation, we listen twice as much as we speak.

We have found the principles behind the questions asked in these scripts work well when having a “warm market” recruiting conversation, too!

1st Interview Script

The initial interview should be no more than 5 minutes. This is a fact seeking mission with the call to action of them reviewing the videos before the scheduled follow up.

When calling and setting this up it’s ideal to have the initial point of contact be different than the individual conducting the 2nd interview. If this isn’t possible, behave like you are someone else. Having the mindset of being an appointment setter will help keep you stay in control by not answering all of their questions and directing them to the website.

2nd Interview Script

This interview only moves forward if they have reviewed the videos. Typically this interview should be 15-20 minutes long and result in a decision to move forward or no interest.

Commissions and Over Rides:

Here is a list of what contract level an Agent must be at before the Insurance Carriers will give a Downline and pay over ride commissions:

LSW Life (not Annuity)

American Equity
LSW Annuity (not Life)



Recruiting 101:

Warning Words:

If you hear people say words or phrases like
“This really intrigues me” or “Symmetry’s opportunity seems interesting…” RUN! 🙂

When you hear the recruit use words/ phrases that show curiosity without a committment or a call to action, 9.9 times out of 10, you have a professional tire kicker.
Be wise and guard your time- REGARDLESS of what else the interviewee says!

Additional Information:

Some people are quick to make a decision. Others require time to process.
We are looking for people who are ready to make a decision and commit to action because people who win early, tend to win often!

Occasionally (less than 5-10% of the time), when you believe someone is genuinely looking for additional information- opposed to tire kicking- you can at your discretion, give them the opportunity to join the Wednesday National Training Call.
Do this in a manner where they commit to you to be on the call before you commit to letting them on it. And always leave the expectation for them to follow up with you afterwards with what stood out to them on the call and if they desire to move forward.


Speak to someone in my area:

We never- and I mean NEVER- let an interviewee speak to someone in their area.

For a company with nothing to hide, this may seem odd. It’s not. Here’s the deal.

They are expected to watch all of the hiring videos, read real reviews on Glass Door, interview with you (maybe even your upline). Then possibly are given the opportunity to listen in to Symmetry’s National Call.

If after all of this, they still aren’t ready to make a decision. There is something deeper going on, often trust or commitment issues.

This is when we as the hiring agent make the decision for them that this isn’t the right fit!

To be kind is to be clear. So, saying or sending something along the lines of this is sure to be the best choice.

“Tom, if after reviewing the videos, researching us online and our interview(s) you aren’t sure if Symmetry is the right fit, it’s not. It was a pleasure meeting you and wish you best of success as you continue your journey! All the best! Beth”

The Thank You Mindset:

Never say “Thank You” to your interviews! Ever!
This is a phrase that psychologically puts them in the power seat. It denotes they are helping you. That you need them… and you DON’T!

Remember, up to this point, they have added zero value to your business. In fact the only thing they have done is potentially wasted your mental and emotional energy and time! This is something certainly not worthy of showing appreciation for. 🙂

You on the other hand, are presenting them with an opportunity to bring hope, light and life back into their frustrated life and career.
You’re offering them the opportunity to take control over their career.
The ability to spend time with their families. To do work that adds purpose and value to their lives and society.
The potential to become true business owners– without paying thousands of dollars!
Lastly, remember Symmetry is giving them the ability to earn a solid six figure income year one and ultimately make a generational impact on their family tree!

THEY are the ones who should be thanking you!
YOU do not thank them.

You are in the power seat. You have what they are looking for. Until you truly believe this, your results will reflect your lack of belief. And this is okay because, the more you interview, the more you will hear the despair in others voices, see how Symmetry produces real change and your belief will grow!