On this page you will be able to update your information. Be sure to notify your upline and Agency Owner of any change directly as well!

Here is your *current* info:
Name: [memb_contact fields=FirstName,LastName separator=” “]
Email: [memb_contact fields=Email]
Phone#: [memb_contact fields=Phone1]
[memb_contact fields=StreetAddress1] [memb_contact fields=StreetAddress2] [memb_contact fields=City], [memb_contact fields=State] [memb_contact fields=PostalCode]

***After you update below, verify the NEW info is showing here!***

This won’t change with Insurance Carriers/ SFG Corporate. It changes for usage on mySFGteam.
[memb_update_form] First Name Last Name [/memb_update_form]
[memb_change_email email1label="Enter NEW Email Address" email2label="Enter your NEW Email Address again" buttontext="Change my Email"]
Any format with area code will work: 111.111.1111, 111-222-3333, (123)456-7890
[memb_update_form] Phone # [/memb_update_form]
[memb_update_form] Address Line 1
Address Line 2
PostalCode [/memb_update_form]

Update Other Places:

Upline and Agency Owner: Be sure to text your upline and Agency Owner with your updated information!


You will want to update NIPR with your new address for all future Carrier appointments! NIPR.com

Insurance Carriers:
If you moved, you will need to contact each Carrier you’re contracted with and provide your updated information. Carrier #’s you can dial from your phone are found on our Mobile page HERE! (mysfgteam.com/mobile)