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Recruiting Coop Contracting Tutorial

Invest 7 minutes watching these videos to assure your New Hire has a smooth and fast Contracting/On Boarding process!

Sending a Packet

This video walks through the fundamentals of properly resolving an interview and sending both Licensed and Unlicensed Contracting Paperwork for New Hires.

TWO websites must be visited to complete contracting:
1st- then

Step 1: Complete CRM
Step 2: Send Contracting Paperwork from Symmetry’s Contracting Portal

What Emails Look Like

After you’ve sent a contract, what does the New Hire receive? This video shows you what the process looks like for the Applicant.

Scrubbing The Contract

What do we do once the New Hire has completed their contract? This video walks you through the steps to helping your new Recruit up and going quickly!

Now What?

Maximize your Team’s results by having Licensed New Agents follow these steps while SFG completes their contracting!