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Help With Abigail’s Life Lessons Scholarship

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Instill philanthropy as part of our team culture – create a culture of giving back, as a habit.
“People like us do things like this.”

Brentney Reynolds – Life Lessons Scholarship Program Grand Prize Recipient 2021

About the campaign

Abigale Carter’s life took an unexpected turn when her mother tragically passed away from COVID-19 when she was only 16 years old. Without adequate life insurance, Abigale and her father were left in a state of financial panic and uncertainty about the future. Abigale’s mother had been her biggest supporter and they had plans to explore colleges together during her junior year. However, those plans were shattered when her mother passed away.

Despite the overwhelming grief, Abigale and her father had to face the reality that college was fast approaching, and they had to figure out a way forward. With her mother’s dream of Abigale pursuing a career in the medical field, Abigale held onto that goal and the stethoscope her mother had given her as a Christmas gift. Even though her mother couldn’t physically contribute to her college expenses anymore, she remained in the driving force behind Abigale’s determination to pursue her dreams.

The tragedy of losing her mother taught Abigale a harsh lesson about life’s unpredictability. They had never expected something like this to happen to their family. If her mother had life insurance, it would have provided a safety net for the family, allowing them to focus on healing and grieving rather than the financial burdens they faced. Funeral expenses, travel costs for relatives, and numerous medical bills added to their already overwhelming situation.

Instead of dwelling on their regrets, Abigale took on the responsibility of adulthood at a young age. She took up multiple jobs as a swim instructor and babysitter to contribute financially and alleviate the burden on her newly widowed father. Abigale also learned to manage her spending wisely, avoiding unnecessary expenses like eating out by teaching her father how to cook. Despite her grief, she remained focused on her studies, determined to qualify for good colleges. Through this experience, Abigale learned the value of independence and the importance of hard work, hoping that her mother would be proud of the strong and resilient woman she has become.

Brentney Reynolds – Life Lessons Scholarship Program Grand Prize Recipient 2021

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