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Our Contracting process recently shifted. So, to receive your contracting paperwork, reach out to your Hiring Manager and/or email with the following: 

Subject Line: Contracting Paperwork

Body: List the following —

Your name

Your email

Your phone number

Your Hiring Manager


We appreciate your understanding as we work to improve your experience!

Overview Video

**This video shows one additional step. This step is not functional on the site yet, so skip to the AML portion of the video**

Attention to detail makes this painless, so if you have (squirrel!) ADD, take extra time to watch this video and read each step twice!

Step 1- AML
  • AML (Anti-Money Laundering) Certificate: Go to

  • Under “Agent Login” at the top right use these credentials: Agent ID: “aml” (lowercase AML) Password: “course”.

  • On the course certification page, “print” and save the certificate to your computer. (Hover over the Certificate and a bar will show up that will allow you to “print” (save) the pdf to upload when prompted below.

  • HINT: Go straight to the test and answer the questions. Then study what you got wrong.
Step 2- "Wet" Signatures
Sign Both Forms!
Signature Authorization:

  • Download, Print & Sign
  • Scan and save the “wet” (hand written) signature to your computer.
  • Best to use a BLACK pen, marker or sharpie
  • Do NOT touch the box lines with your signature 🙂

Bank EFT Deposit Form:

  • Download, print, fill out and sign this page. Scan and save a pdf to your computer to upload below
  • Voided check *must* be:
  • Numbered over 100
  • Have your name printed on it
  • Don’t use checks? Read THIS!
  • PDF Editing:
    • Adjust your PDF (compress size, combine documents, etc), go here. This site is awesome and free!
  • Scanner:
    • Search “Turbo Scan” in the App Store on your phone… There is a free version or the paid version is under $5 and works amazingly!
Extra Forms
If you need more space than what is provided below use these forms:

  • A complete 7 year work and address history is required.
  • All unexplained gaps will cause you to start this process over again… and that’s no fun! 🙂

Before you begin Step 4 below, make sure you have completed steps 1-3 and have the documents available to upload.

Step 3- Licensed Agent Form
If you have questions on something, reference the overview video.

Fill out the form below.
Proceed in this order.

1st: Upload Documents on Page 1
2nd: Follow the Yellow “Start”/”Next” arrow
3rd: “Sign” the E-Signature Authorization that appears on the Bottom of the LAST page.
4th: After you “sign”, you will automatically be sent a copy to the email you provided in the signature section.

***If you don’t see the E-Signature on the last page, follow the yellow arrow prompt to find where a required field is blank***

***Upload Documents on the First Page FIRST!!!***
If you start to fill out the form before you upload the documents,

and you may need to start over!

***If you don’t see the E-Signature on the last page, follow the yellow arrow prompt to find where a required field is blank***

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