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Course Intro:

5 Keys to Thinking Like a Boss: Growth Mindset:

Investing Through the Lens of an Entrepreneur:

It’s the Price, Not the Payment: Cars

Michael Anthony Money Mastery Course Outline:

Michael Anthony’s Money Mastery for Symmetry

Course Introduction

5 Keys of Thinking Like A Boss

Lesson 1: #Until… The Power of Believing in Ourselves

Lesson 2: Earning The Life We Desire

Lesson 3: The Power of Struggle

Lesson 4: Delayed Gratification Isn’t a Dirty Word

Lesson 5: Growth Mindset

Chapter 1 : Relating To Money

Lesson 1: Money, What’s the big deal anyway?

Lesson 2: Viewing Money Through the Lens of an Entrepreneur

  • 2.1- Profit and Loss
  • 2.2- Taxes
  • 2.3- Investing for Retirement

Chapter 2: Debt

Lesson 1: What Is Debt?

Lesson 2: It’s the Price, not the Payment (Home)

Lesson 3: It’s the Price, not the Payment (Car)

Lesson 4: The #PenaltyPaydown: Debt Elimination

Chapter 3: Budgeting For You

Lesson 1: Budgeting? It’s Okay to Suck at it!

Lesson 2: Personal Budgeting Walkthrough

Lesson 3: #PenaltyPaydown Walkthrough

Lesson 4: Using Cash: Envelopes Made Easy

Lesson 5: Savings Made Simple Walkthrough  
Lesson 6: Vacation & Special Event Savings Walkthrough

Chapter 4: Budgeting For Your Business

Lesson 1: Piggy Banks and Our Business

Lesson 2: How Many Bank Accounts do I really need?

Lesson 3: Business Budgeting Walkthrough

Chapter 5: Fireside Chats

Intro: This is not Legal Advice… It’s a Casual Fireside Conversation

Lesson 1- Building Your Financial Team

Lesson 2- To Incorporate or Not

Lesson 3: Tax Deductions Everyone Should Be Aware Of

Chapter 6: SFG and You

Lesson 1: The Story of Two Agents: Pump Up The Profits

Lesson 2: Know The Numbers: Metrics That Matter

Lesson 3: Rockstar Habits

Bonus Videos:

Bonus #1- Health Insurance- An Alternative View

Bonus #2- Partner Power: Finding Unity

Money Mastery Toolkit of Deliverable Assets:

Personal Money Mastery Tools:

  1. Personal Monthly Budgeting Workbook
  2. The #PenaltyPaydown Debt Elimination worksheet
  3. Envelopes Made Easy: Cash Withdrawal System
  4. Savings Made Simple Form
  5. Vacation Planning Budgeting Form
  6. Special Event Budgeting Form

Business Money Mastery Tools:

  1. Business Monthly Budgeting Workbook
  2. Special Event Budgeting Form
  3. Savings Made Simple Form