Congrats on joining the mySFGteam family with Symmetry Financial Group!

You’ve taken a huge first step toward taking true ownership of your life!

Being new can seem a bit overwhelming. That’s why we’ve designed our Onboarding “road map” to get you up to speed as quickly and easily as possible!

The Yellow Brick Road and You…
If Dorothy had arrived in Oz to find a pile of yellow bricks, the Wizard of Oz would have ended quite differently. Even worse, think of the crazy disaster awaiting Dorothy if she had decided to try to re-pave the road constructed for her!

The fantastic news for you is that Symmetry Financial Group has both the Resources ready and the Road built for you to journey down!

Your role on this journey can be summed up in one word: COMMITMENT
Failure to commit is committing to fail.

We expect our team to be 100% committed to their success at Symmetry. And this means 100% commitment to following the process and system.

You will undoubtedly face obstacles where you feel like turning back and quitting. Be assured this is something everyone who’s walked this path before you has experienced. In fact, it’s the cost of admission for doing something so potentially life transforming.

The good news is you’re surrounded by a team rooting for you to choose success here at Symmetry Financial Group and you’re sure to find a few new “running buddies” (friends) to make your journey more successful!

When in doubt, remember:
1- The payoff is real!
2- The journey is just as valuable as destination!

Now click the onboarding photo below to begin your journey!