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On Boarding Step 2: Schedule & Leads

Step 2 on boarding is where you get to take action!

It’s OKAY to feel nervous right now. You don’t know everything. And you’ll learn you don’t need to know everything to begin.
You are a part of a team that is here to SUPPORT YOU! We have a caring and supportive culture!

Call your Hiring Manager or Agency Owner to talk through fears/concerns/doubts/ worries as they come up… EVERYONE who’s successful at Symmetry, was once exactly where you are today! And we want to help you learn how to win here!!!

Here is your Onboarding Step 2 Checklist:
☐ Listen to Winning By Design & take notes
☐ The Symmetry Schedule
☐ Schedule Your Game Plan Strategy Session
☐ Fill out the Game Plan Strategy Session Form
☐ What is a Lead
☐ Understanding Opt!
☐ Resource Calculator
☐ Order Leads!
☐ Celebrate the completion of Onboarding Step #2 on GroupMe!

Winning By Design:
Success doesn’t happen by accident. The first steps in your journey are critical because they determine your destination.

Listen to Danny Young share what it takes to win at Symmetry.

Then, write down what you believe your strengths and weaknesses will be in this business with your Upline… Save these notes for your Game Plan Strategy Session.

Symmetry Schedule:
We find this schedule delivers maximum results. Set your schedule and stick to it!

Dial on Fr/Sat/Sun and run your appointments as close to a 24-48 hour window on Sunday/ Monday/Tuesday as possible.

Game Plan:

In Step 4, you will be asked to fill out you Game Plan. Start thinking about “Why” you are here, “What” you desire to accomplish and “How” you will bring this to reality.

What Is A Lead?

What is that you just said? You are wondering about our Lead system and what makes them so special?

Well, we’re glad you asked! 😉

Watch this video to learn all about our fantastic Lead system!

Understanding OPT!
Now that you know about how our leads are generated, let’s learn about Opt!, our Leads CRM
1- Visit the Symmetry Leads section of the website & watch both Opt! Videos

2- Watch the Opt! Overview below

3- Log into Opt! and set your browser up (you’ll have to watch the video to know what we’re talking about 🙂

4- Make notes of lead availability in your area (within a couple hour drive) for your Game Plan Strategy Session

Resource Calculator:

I want to earn $8,000 a month, how do I figure out what it takes to win? How many leads do I need to get? How many dials do I need to make?

Download this Show Me The Money PDF to give yourself an overview of the fundamentals and take control of your business!

Order Leads!

Now that you know everything about Symmetry’s leads, the lead system, and Opt! the lead management system, it’s time to take action and place that first lead order!

1- Put together a first time order based on Opt inventory
2- Reach out to your Manager to discuss
3- Once you receive their feedback, order them up!

*Make sure you’ve discussed with your Upline prior to ordering*