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On Boarding Step 3: Phones

Step 3 Onboarding is here and you’re going to OWN IT by putting your phone skills to use!

What’s that? You had an emergency come up and need to organize your desk or clean your car or study the products first?

Nonsense! These are all normal responses that keep us from doing the work that REALLY matters!

Now, go push past your comfort zone and take action! πŸ™‚

Here is your Onboarding Step 3 Checklist:
☐ Listen to The Four Cornerstones
☐ Phone Script Role-play
☐ Bonus Lead Phone Script
☐ Track Your Activity!
☐ Dial, Dial, Dial!!! (Massive Action Constant Correction)
☐ Text Your Upline to help you celebrate completion of Onboarding Step #3!

Four Cornerstones!

This is the Foundation Symmetry sits upon. Start off your day by listening to Sarah Pappas, Chris Cook, Marlin Faulkner and Ben Seifipour share what the Four Cornerstones of Success mean to them!

Lead Scripts!

A Leads Phone Script:
100% of the money we make starts on the phones, so spend at least 30 minutes practicing this Instant Income Phone Script out loud and with someone if at all possible!
Dale Carnegie said “Practice Makes Permanent“, so let’s make this script second nature for you!

Call In (CI) Leads Phone Script:
Call In Leads are a GOLD MINE with a few small tweaks to the traditional Instant Income Phone Script (For dialing A Leads).
Download this CI Phone Script for when you dial CI Leads!

Be sure to give yourself grace as you practice these scripts! You’re not suppose to be good at this yet… this is why you’re practicing!Β  You got this, (wo)man!Β Whoop! Whoop! πŸ™‚
Plus, we’re here for you… let us know any challenges or fears you may experience!

Bonus Leads Phone Script:

Dialing on older “Bonus” leads? We sure hope so!!!

Bonus Leads are the secret sauce to Symmetry’s System. The more you dial them, the more you’ll find there is truly no bad lead category within Symmetry.

Put whatever preconceptions of “old” leads you may have aside and learn how to use 5A, 4A, 3A, 2A, 1A & 50C leads to your advantage!!!

Download the Bonus Lead Phone Script and get practicing!

Overcoming Objections:Β 

Overcoming objections is a key to building confidence and best helping our clients. Download this Overcoming Objections on the Phone doc to become an objection slicing Ninja!

Lead Script Role Play:

**Spend at least 30 minutes practicing the Bonus Lead Phone Script.**
Practice by speaking out loud and with someone else if at all possible.

Role Play Example:

Here is a role play of Sarah Pappas working off the Instant Income Phone Script.
Before you go off script (like she does a few times) make sure you can recite the script without looking at it πŸ™‚

On The Phones with Sarah Pappas and Beth Maddox :

Agency Owners Sarah Pappas and Beth Maddox tag team to overcome almost every imaginable objection when dialing!
This audio is sure to become your GO-TO!

Working Older Leads:

Listen to Superstar Agents Ashley Tarr and Sarah Pappas discuss & role play dialing on Bonus Leads!!
These nuggets on working older leads, are sure to keep rainy days from “melting” your profits away faster than the Wicked Witch of the West! πŸ™‚

Activity Tracking:

Activity Tracking:

“What you measure, improves” ~ Seth Godin

Start like a pro and track your activity!

Download your Weekly Activity Report if you don’t have your ASAP Planner.

Depending on the leads you invest in, here is what you can expect for your Appointment Ratio:
A Lead – 10 A Leads = 8 appointments (80%)
5A – 1 out of 4 Contacts = 1 Appointment Β (25%)
4A – 1 out of 4 Contacts = 1 Appointment (25%)
3A – 1 out of 5 Contacts = 1 Appointment Β (20%)
2A – 1 out of 8 Contacts = 1 Appointment Β (12.5%)
1A – 1 out of 12 Contacts = 1 Appointment (8.3%)
$.50 – 1 out of 15 Contacts = 1 Appointment Β (6.7%)

Anytime you call a phone number, count it as a dial. Dial one phone number three times? Count it as 3 dials. Your Lead has 3 phone numbers and you dial two times each? You guessed it. Six dials.
Anytime you talk to a human being, this is a contact.
Well, this is pretty self explanatory πŸ™‚

Reach out to your upline every 5 contacts so we can help you! πŸ™‚
(This is the CC part of Massive Action Constant Correction)

Share your results in the following format on GroupMe: Dials/Contacts/Appointments
We want to celebrate with you!!!

No Cowardly Lion Here!

Post your Dial session results on GroupMe!

Now wrap up on boarding by skipping down the Yellow Brick Road to Onboarding Step #4:
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