In The Home Training Resources:

Activity Trumps Everything!

50% perfect with action beats 100% perfect and in our head!

The point of learning is doing.

Doing is messy. Doing means failing. Doing means getting back up to become a stronger and more valuable person in this world.

While learning is important, doing is critical!

So let’s learn while we do… and when in doubt, make a mess and DO!

Besides, you have an entire team ready to help you clean it up 🙂

Race to 30!

Forget four years of college and six figures of debt to earn $40k a year!

Your first 30 appointments will teach you what you need to earn $100k+!

The average agent takes 25 days to complete this. You’re not average though. Are you?!

1- Print off this chart
2- Post it in a visible area you see daily
3- Read what it says daily
4- Cross off each appointment once you actually SIT on with all decision makers! (one legs don’t count 😉 )
5- Watch your success grow with the X marks!

Learn From The Pro’s:
Why re-invent the wheel, when you can borrow from the best!

Two-Time Top 5 “Agent Of The Year”, Sarah Pappas shares tips on “Setting Expectations” when “In The Home”.




Then Watch Sarah Pappas in a FULL In-Home Role Play.


After you’ve finished, you’re sure to see that the REAL secret to winning here is following the Symmetry System!

Two-Time Agent of the Year, Ashley “The Terminator” Tarr shares her “In The Home” process through an Audio role play.

Holding the All-Time Record for selling over $100k of Simplified Issue Mortgage Protection in ONE month!!!
Advisory Board member & Executive Vice President Kevin Purdy shares on the importance of Calling From The Home!

In Home Client Questionnaire:

How to guide the conversation and ask the right questions.

If you don’t want to take notes on the back of your lead, here is a is an outline for you to use!

Use the In-The-Home Appointment Script and/or edit and add the Power Point Script to your laptop to keep you on track during your appointment!

The “Critical Period Coverage” Concept!

This is a the most important concept to understand when dealing with older clients or those with health issues!

EXAMPLE: 66 year old client with some health problems and has a 175K mortgage they would like to cover. This person is not going to qualify for simplified issue term mortgage insurance, or it will be simply un-affordable for the individual to attain.

So what do you show them?

You are going to look at coverage that is normally used for final expense.

These will be whole life policies that typically have face amounts ranging from 5k-35K. Obviously this does not come close to covering the mortgage amount in this example so you need to show the value using the “Critical Period Concept”.

1- Listen to Agency Owner’s Ayers and Cicily explain this crucial concept!
2- Watch the Video
3- Download the Critical Period Script HERE

Final Expense Flip Chart:

If you are working Final Expense appointments, download the SFG Final Expense Flip Chart.

Follow the flow of this power point and make the about me page your own!

Maximizing Protection for Seniors


What To Pack:

Here is a behind the scenes look at what Agency Owner Sarah Pappas packs when running she’s in the field running appointments.

Download the In The Field Checklist and you’ll be well on your way to being prepared for what is ahead!


Question Based Selling:

Get your pen and paper ready as Symmetry’s ‘#1 Advanced Market’, ‘Top 10’ Agent of 2015 and Agency Owner Tom Chism helps us understand it’s not what we say, but what we ask!