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What Is A Lead?

What is that you just said? You are wondering about our Lead system and what makes them so special?

Well, we’re glad you asked! 😉

Watch this video to learn all about our fantastic Lead system!

How to Order Leads & One Time Lead Orders:

Agents can place one time lead orders online using the Opt! system (the preferred method) or by using the paper form. Agency Managers can also assign A leads to their agents via Opt! Once a manager as assigned the leads, the agent will receive an email in which they can confirm the order. Once the agent confirms the order it will be processed. After processing is complete, the agent will receive a link via email that can be used to pay for and then receive their leads.

Standing Lead Orders:

Standing lead orders (GMRs) can only be placed by using the paper form. Agents should always use the version of the order form available on the SFG website as it will be the most current version.

A Lead Order Approval:

All A lead orders require approval from the agency manager. An agent’s A lead order placed with Opt! will generate an approval request email that will be automatically sent to the agency manager. A lead orders placed with a paper form require signatures from both the ordering agent and the agency manager.

Changes to Lead Orders:

Any changes to a one time lead order requires that a new order be placed either in Opt! or by submitting a new paper form. Changes to a standing lead order (location, amount, credit card, etc) require that a new form be submitted. Agents who wish to add leads outside of what is listed on their current GMR must place an order for those additional leads either online via Opt! or by submission of a paper form.

Lead & Opt! Inventory:

Also referred to as the Live Inventory or Blue List, this is the A lead inventory viewable in Opt! It is a live inventory that shows all A leads currently available for purchase. A leads SFG has received that are intended to fill existing GMRs are not visible on this inventory.

Agency managers will also receive this list each week via email along with their lead allocation sheet. Leads on this list are first come, first serve. A manager wishing to obtain leads from this inventory for their agents, should send an email to requesting the transfer of the leads to their account or the agent can logon to Opt! and place an order for the leads online.

At 1pm EST each Friday, any A leads generated for a GMR that were not assigned to an agent will automatically post to the live inventory and become available for sale. If a manager is aware of leads that they cannot assign for that week, they can email and request that those leads be added to the live inventory prior to Friday afternoon. If a manager does not want unassigned leads from their GMR area to be published to the live inventory, those leads must be purchased by the manager for their inventory or assigned to an agent who will purchase them.

Bonus Lead Inventory:

The bonus lead inventory in Opt! is also a live inventory. This inventory includes both bonus leads SFG currently has available for purchase and those that can be ordered from SFG’s mail house.

If leads from the mail house are needed, the order must be placed before 2pm EST Thursday in order for the agent to receive the leads on Friday. Mail house lead order placed after 2pm EST Thursday cannot be filled until Monday. Mail house lead counts are removed from the Opt! Bonus Lead Inventory at 2pm on Thursday to avoid placement of orders that cannot be filled until the following week. After 2pm EST on Thursdays, only SFG’s in house leads are shown on the inventory. On Monday mornings, the mail house lead counts are added back to the inventory.

Instant Purchase Inventory:

Instant Purchase is only available on bonus leads and for agents who qualify for Greenlight Status. The leads available on the Instant Purchase section of Opt! do not include leads from SFG’s mail house which require a 24 hour processing time. For this reason, the Instant Purchase inventory will always be smaller than the main inventory.

Greenlight Status:

Agents are considered Greenlight for the first two weeks after submitting their completed SFG contract. During this time period, the agent may order leads via Instant Purchase through the Opt! system. After the two week period ends, agents can re-enter Greenlight Status if they meet the following requirements:
·Agents must be contracted with SFG for at least 3 months.
·At least $7,500 in APV must be submitted each month.
·A minimum $200 PPL and at least a 30% close ratio must be maintained each month.

Additional Information is available in the Agent Handbook

Online Leads Packet and Script

To stay competitive in the marketplace and reach more clients that may benefit from our solutions, SFG is now rolling out online leads.

How are these leads generated?

Through banner ads and paid search, the potential consumer will be directed to the SFG Request a Quote webpage, where they will complete a form to request information on life insurance products. These leads will then be contacted and confirmed by SFG support staff as soon as they come into our system.

What’s new about these leads?

Because of the impetuous nature of online leads, the lead nurturing step being taken by SFG staff is vital. Feedback from agents successful with these leads in the field as well as outside market research have shown that immediate call backs are critical to closing. If you can contact these leads within 30 minutes, you are exponentially more likely to set an appointment. With our staff taking on this part of the lead nurturing process, we are ensuring that all our agents have the best possible shot at closing these leads. To maintain this advantage, once allotted it is essential that these leads are contacted within 24 hours. These leads will be allotted as A leads (priced according to agent level) twice a day by the Leads Department to agents with standing GMRs in the applicable counties.

Online Leads Script

Online Lead Example

Online Leads Quick Tips

Understanding OPT!
Now that you know about how our leads are generated, let’s learn about Opt!, our Leads CRM
1- Visit the Symmetry Leads section of the website & watch both Opt! Videos

2- Watch the Opt! Overview below

3- Log into Opt! and set your browser up (you’ll have to watch the video to know what we’re talking about 🙂

4- Make notes of lead availability in your area (a couple hour drive) for your Game Plan Strategy Session