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Our Contracting process recently shifted. So, to receive your contracting paperwork, reach out to your Hiring Manager and/or email admin@mysfgteam.com with the following: 

Subject Line: Contracting Paperwork

Body: List the following —

Your name

Your email

Your phone number

Your Hiring Manager


We appreciate your understanding as we work to improve your experience!

Overview Video

Let this video walk you through each step of the process “as you go”

**This video shows one additional step. This step is not functional on the site yet, so skip to the AML portion of the video**

Attention to detail makes this painless, so if you have (squirrel!) ADD, take extra time to watch this video and read each step twice!

Step 1- AML
  • AML (Anti-Money Laundering) Certificate: Go to americanamicable.com/marketing-login.html.

  • Under “Agent Login” at the top right use these credentials: Agent ID: “aml” (lowercase AML) Password: “course”.

  • On the course certification page, “print” and save the certificate to your computer. (Hover over the Certificate and a bar will show up that will allow you to “print” (save) the pdf to upload when prompted below.

  • HINT: Go straight to the test and answer the questions. Then study what you got wrong.
Step 2- "Wet" Signatures
Sign Both Forms!
Signature Authorization:

  • Download, Print & Sign
  • Scan and save the “wet” (hand written) signature to your computer.
  • Best to use a BLACK pen, marker or sharpie
  • Do NOT touch the box lines with your signature 🙂

Bank EFT Deposit Form:

  • Download, print, fill out and sign this page. Scan and save a pdf to your computer to upload below
  • Voided check *must* be:
  • Numbered over 100
  • Have your name printed on it
  • Don’t use checks? Read THIS!
  • PDF Editing:
    • Adjust your PDF (compress size, combine documents, etc), go here. This site is awesome and free!
  • Scanner:
    • Search “Turbo Scan” in the App Store on your phone… There is a free version or the paid version is under $5 and works amazingly!
Extra Forms
If you need more space than what is provided below use these forms:

  • A complete 7 year work and address history is required.
  • All unexplained gaps will cause you to start this process over again… and that’s no fun! 🙂

Before you begin Step 3 below, make sure you have completed steps 1-2 and have the documents available to upload.

Step 3- Unlicensed Agent Form
Fill out the form below.
Proceed in this order. If you have questions on something, reference the overview video.

1st: Upload Documents on Page 1
2nd: Follow the Yellow “Start”/”Next” arrow
3rd: “Sign” the E-Signature Authorization that appears on the Bottom of the LAST page.
4th: After you “sign”, you will automatically be sent a copy to the email you provided in the signature section.

***If you don’t see the E-Signature on the last page, follow the yellow arrow prompt to find where a required field is blank***

Step 4- License Course
Start your Licensing Course HERE


**Until you complete steps 1-4, you will not qualify for your 50% course discount**

***Upload Documents on the First Page FIRST!!!***
If you start to fill out the form before you upload the documents,

and you may need to start over!

***If you don’t see the E-Signature on the last page, follow the yellow arrow prompt to find where a required field is blank***

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