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See below for a list of recent updates to and

– Advanced Markets Page hidden and replaced with new Annuities Page & Debt Free Life Page – clj
– Join Us Page updated – clj
– Resources Page Update – Youtube account updated and added Carrier Playlist – clj
– Telesales Page created (under training) to highlight new virtual best practices and training – clj
– Home Page updated to reflect new Telesales benefits – clj
– Contracting Request Page added – clj
– 2020 Leadership Incentive Information updated – clj
– Conference 2020 page redirected to – clj
– Basics – Symmetry U – copy updated for Fast Track information – clj
– Existing Members Only, Credential Update on Log In Page removed – clj
– Email copy to new agents/agents retrieving credential info has been updated to reflect using EMAIL to log in instead of USERNAME – clj
– Log In Page updated to more clearly direct users to use their EMAIL instead of USERNAME to log in – clj
– Infusionsoft Contacts Merged (this should solve any on going tagging issues that have been caused by multiple & duplicate emails/accounts. Should you still be having problems please email with agent name and email.) – clj
– Troubleshooting page updated to reflect credential update form removal from log in page – clj
– New Agent Emails updated to replace “recruiting agent” with “recruiting agency” (should you come across one that still has recruiter info vs agency, please forward the email to ) – clj 

– replaced Onboarding section with the new versions -af

– updated Conference page with Keynote speakers and additional event info -af
– added Fall Tour dates to Regional Training page -af

– updated Join Us page to include new Key Leaders -af

– updated carriers on Mobile Quotes page -af

– updated conference banner on main page rotator -af

– updated Altitude Conference Page w/ Hotel, Schedule and Travel Info -mp

– Added link to Symmetry Bootcamps to Regional Training page -af

– Added Money Mastery banner to homepage -af

– Added new agent discounts to Conference 2020 page -af

– Updated Resource Calculator section on Step 2 Onboarding -af

– Removed LIMRA from Step 4 Onboarding -af

– Added Senior Protection video to In the Home Training section -af

– Added Columbus Life Insurance Company to Carriers section -af

– Updated Conference page to include details for fall conference -af

– Changed name of Recruiting Coop page to Recruiting Automation -af
– Made minor edits to copy on Recruiting Automation page -af
– Removed Meet the Team section from Recruiting Automation page -af

– Created #IChooseMe-ATL page -af

– Removed outdated events from Events menu -af

– Fixed typos and malfunctioning links in Onboarding -af

– Created page (/contact-update) for Agent to easily verify and update their Info including: Name, email, phone #, Address, Username and Password ~mp
– Updated Tech Support Page to reflect new Contact Update page and provide a link ~mp
– Updated the Resources Tab to include a link to the /mobile as well as a link to update Contact Information (/contact-update) ~mp

– Updated Advanced Markets training page with video resources -af

– Updated Leads training page with Online Leads information -af

– Added Winter Tour page -af
– Added Winter Tour image to main page slider image -af

– Added Valentine’s Ca$h Ba$h page -af
– Added Valentine’s Ca$h Ba$h image to main page slider image -af

– Added 2020 National Conference Page -af
– Added 2020 National Conference image to main page slider image -af
– Added Christmas Ca$h Ba$h page -af
– Added Christmas Ca$h Ba$h image to main page slider image -af

– Updated Step 1 On Board page to reflect change from FastTrack to Symmetry U -af
– Replaced #journeytofreedom slider image on main page to 2019 National Conference banner -af
– Added In-The-Home Appointment Script and Power Point Script to In The Home Training page -af

– Updated FastTrack link on Step 1 On  Board page -af

– Fixed Redirect so now if Agent needs to log in to access a page, it brings to a login page and then forwards to the page the Agent was intending to visit. #yay ~mp
– Cleaned up The New Agent Credential Creation Form (The Form the Agent completes). Removed four questions for ease of use. Updated instructions on form to communicate more clearly and reflect SFG Corporate Contracting Flow changes. ~ mp
– Changed link to access the AO New Agent Credential Invitation – mp
– Cleaned Up & Reduced the AO New Agent Credential Invitation (reduced fields from 12 to 5!)- af
– Cleaned Up & Reduced the CRM Form by 2/3rds. Reduced from 18 to 6 Fields! – af
– Net Placed Report Email Reminder Campaign Went Live (Emails will go out Wednesday/Friday to all Agents with Level 2 Access (Onboarding & Training) – mp/af

– Birthday Email Campaign went Active – af
– Updated “Team” page. Added Neal Nutter. Requested headshots. ~mp