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4th Quarter Blitz Update!

2020 has been an interesting year so far…. After we made “The Big Pivot” to virtual sales in March, we wondered how the coronavirus would affect our numbers for the year.


We did $3,162,555 in APV in 2019.

Currently we are at YTD $2,477,189.

If all stays status quo, we will probably break even.


But what fun is breaking even? Let’s be the team that says, “we grew amidst a pandemic.” Let’s be that team!


Weekly Team Goal = 80k/week

We’ve got 10 weeks left in the year. Let’s just step it up a notch and get there – we can do this! It’s going to take you and me and all the people we can bring to the table – first time writers, 2nd time writers, 3rd time writers… CONSISTENT WRITERS!!

What you do in Q4, affects Q1 2021 – make this season your best ever!


Staffing Up

2020 was the year of “staffing up” and we’ll be heading into 2021 on a whole new level! Last December we made our first key hire, Executive Assistant, Chelsea Jones (, who has proven to be invaluable to the team.

After a few bumps in the road and several searches/interviews, we finally have landed on a “dream team” that’s going to lift the lid and benefit all of mySFGteam!


Welcome Pappas Family Life New Staff!!

Gretchen Rauter, Social Media Manager

Jacob Young, Digital Communications Specialist

Jennifer Swayngim, Recruiter

Amber Flowers, Recruiter

Maddie McDougald, Special Projects


Special shout-out to Team Brad Sullivan and Team Steve Barnett for tracking to hit AO numbers this month! We are going to double in size by this time next year, just you wait. You are in the right place at the right time – if you don’t quit you win!


Let’s do this TEAM!