Have you heard the one about the two salesmen who were sent to a developing country to sell shoes? One called the home office and said, “I’m coming home, nobody here wears shoes.” The other called in and said, “Ship product immediately. Everyone here needs shoes!”

Cute story that illustrates a vital point for these days – Your Perspective Influences Your Behavior!

What’s Your Perspective?

Will you let one day, or one client, or one disappointment affect your attitude and activity? Or will you pick yourself up and say, “NEXT!”

I want every person on this team to feel proud of themselves when we look back on this time:

  • Feel proud that you moved forward in spite of fear, exhaustion, depression
  • Feel proud that you learned a new skill
  • Feel proud that you made more dials this week than you did last week
  • Feel proud that you did your first Zoom appointment
  • Feel proud that you plugged into the weekly Zoom calls and trainings
  • Feel proud that you became a better field underwriter

If you’re not feeling positive about your business, it’s time to change your perspective!

Here’s another GroupMe gem from “Cap’n” Steve Barnett:

Perspective is everything. I see everything not as it is, I see everything as I am. So, if I see difficulty, defeat, despair, disappointment, that is a reflection of me. I could choose to see opportunity, another chance to win, and areas for growth. The bottom line is that this is something I choose.

Do something every day to move your business forward. Counsel with your growing upline and get a game plan together if you’re still feeling stuck. Associate with your mySFGteam on Zoom and GroupMe!

Choose a new perspective!

Let’s have an OUTSTANDING 5 week month of May!