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Fight, Flight or Frozen?

“I can’t wait for this all to be over.” “I wish this would all just go away.” “I’m going to sit this one out and come back when things get back to normal.”

Have you found yourself saying or thinking any of those thoughts in the past few weeks? Don’t lie…I have!

As a nation we are under great stress. In times of stress, our limbic system takes over and we do one of three things:


I want to speak to those of you who are feeling a little…..frozen. You feel stuck, inactive….maybe you call it “lazy,” but really you know it’s because you are facing a SHIFT, a CHANGE….and change is never easy.

Can I share with you the Change Curve?


Any of those areas sound familiar? Shock, Denial, Frustration, Depression, Experiment, Decision, Integration….

Where are you on the change curve?

If you’re still on the left half, I’m here to tell you, it’s okay!! It’s okay to grieve our losses.

Recognize where you are….and look ahead to where you are going! I’m here to tell you, the Integration stage is Empowering!!

If you haven’t experimented yet with “the new way of doing things,” go ahead and give it a try! Join us this Tuesday for a mySFGteam training on the VIRTUAL IN-HOME APPT. Don’t get left behind – today is the day to move into the Experimental Phase….make the Decision to!

Let’s Grow!