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The Trust Audit

We did something really cool in July as a Leadership team and had the opportunity to share our story on the National Call (if you missed it, catch the replay

One of the things we talked about was a Thrive/GiANT concept called the Influence Model. In order to have influence, TRUST must be present.

Why is trust important?

–This is important because business runs at the speed of trust.

–Because relationships matter, people come first.

Have you ever had a “funny feeling” about someone and not known why? What if I told you that trust is not a mystical feeling? What if there is actually a recipe for trust?

4 C’s of Trust

Trust is comprised of the perception of these 4 things:

  1. Character (integrity)
  2. Chemistry (communication flow)
  3. Competency (knowledge + skill)
  4. Credibility (practical application to solve real issues!)

When all 4 of these are present, trust runs high.

When trust is absent it’s usually the ABSENCE of the PERCEPTION of at least one of these. Taking an audit to find out the missing or leaking variable is massively helpful for teams. Often it’s only a perception of a lack, not a real lack.

Is it time for you to do an audit for yourself and/or for your mentor? If one of these C’s are leaking, it will affect the way you run your business and the speed at which you run. Having uncomfortable conversations is part of your growth here. I encourage you to schedule some time with your mentor today and honestly go thru these 4 C’s from both perspectives.

You can do it!