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The Power of Intention

In the absence of National Conference and Regional Meetings this year, Mike and I have gotten intentional about associating with the sideline leaders and friends that cause us to grow. In July we began our travels at the Symmetry Lakehouse with mySFGteam Key Leaders and Agency Owners (wow – that was a powerful weekend), and then proceeded to visit with some of the friends and leaders of top businesses within Symmetry.

I want to share a lesson that I learned on our travels. It’s about using the power of intention to make your vision a reality.


One of our adventures led about 10 of us on a float down the Snake River in Wyoming.

As we floated down the Snake River, at one point I drifted away from the others and quickly found myself way ahead of the entire crew who had begun to hold on to one another’s rafts in order to stick together by this time. I wanted to stop on the side of the river to wait for them, but the water was rushing just a little too fast to make it easy to control the raft. In the absence of a paddle, I used my flip flops and attempted to paddle my way to the right bank, but the paddling was of no use. I’d get a foot or two over and the water would put me back into the current.

After several failed attempts at this, I figured I’d better get serious and pull over otherwise, I may get too far ahead of everyone and miss the turn off. So, Serious Sarah started putting all her intention into getting to the right bank. Instead of just paddling, I put my mind to the task. I stared at the right bank and envisioned myself getting closer. I willed myself closer. As I paddled, I looked straight at where I wanted to be and willed myself closer….and guess what? With the combination of the physical, mental, and spiritual cooperation, I got to the right bank and eventually found a tree branch to grab onto until the rest of the party came by.

I learned a lesson there. It’s not enough to just paddle in the right direction. I was doing the right activities but it wasn’t getting me anywhere. I was “spinning my wheels” or should I say, “paddling my flip-flops.”

Once I put my heartmindwillemotionintention, behind the physical actions, I started to get the results I was looking for. It’s not just about doing the right activities. It’s about doing them with all you’ve got. Do that, and you will find yourself moving in the direction of your goals and dreams.

Give it all you’ve got this month!