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I was going through some old emails and found these notes that I had compiled in November 2012 and I shared them with my little itty bitty insurance team! John Maxwell’s messages are TIMELESS! Almost 8 years later and they are still worth resharing! Enjoy!

  • The day that I don’t learn anything new, I’m done for.
  • Do for one what you wish you could do for everyone (each person deserves your best)
  • Don’t fall in love with the destination, enjoy the journey (be happy in the process and appreciate it for what it is)
  • Build the foundation that’s inside of you
  • Don’t try to leapfrog life (ie. Do not despise small beginnings)
  • If you want to reach for the stars, show me the scars
  • Gifted, talented, and confident people need to be in over their heads. They need to be in the position where they pray for God’s help!
  • I’m not betting on me, I’m betting on God.
  • Never pray for money, pray for opportunity.
  • Discipline = the bridge between where you are and where you want to go.
  • Understand the consequences of the undisciplined part of your life
  • Be accountable to somebody
  • Do what is right every day (so that tomorrow can take care of itself–from his book Today Matters)
  • Double down on your effort in the undisciplined area of your life
  • You will motivate yourself much more and for longer when you are going towards something that you want instead of away from something you are avoiding (connect with your WHY.)
  • Behind every great recognition is an even greater story.
  • God gives you blessings you don’t deserve so you will come back in humbleness and thank Him.

Hope one of these speaks to you.

Have a great week, everyone!