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Last week, Mike spoke on the about his Symmetry journey and some of the new creative projects he’s been working on that were released this weekend.

One of Mike’s Superpowers is his ability to manage and steward finances, with special emphasis on small business/entrepreneurs.

I met Mike when he was 19 years old and I knew there was something special about the way he managed money when I saw his Quicken program he had been using since age 17! After moving to Tennessee in 2008, Mike landed a job working directly with financial guru Dave Ramsey on the Live Events team. He quickly learned the ropes and eventually started a new company-within-a-company at Ramsey Solutions. The 6 years he spent there prepared him for the next step on the journey: Symmetry Financial Group.

Mike brought all his passion and expertise to Symmetry when he left his 6-figure corporate salary, to grow the family business. I had gotten us to Agency Owner and we were doing about 55k/month at the time. Let me tell you, Mike Pappas was the most expensive hire we ever made, and it was worth every penny! With Mike’s partnership, we were able to get our Agency to the Top Contract within 4 years!

Enter Michael Anthony

When Mike (aka Michael Anthony) shares his Financial Superpowers with other small business owners magic happens! I call it the reason he was put on this planet! – to share his Superpowers with other small business owners!

Mike’s creative ability to help entrepreneurs scale and grow their businesses from a financial perspective is a huge gift – especially if you are an entrepreneur like myself who needs some accountability with the numbers!


Watch and Subscribe (or listen) to the 1st episode of The Contract CFO Show. It’s sure to help you on your journey as an Entrepreneur!

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