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mySFGteam Recruiting Automation

Here’s the fun stuff! 🙂
If we don’t say it, someone will wonder if we were serious…

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Recruiting & New Agent On Boarding Flow:

Get familiar with the flow of this document.

This explains how a potential Candidate moves through the system starting as a potential Candidate and follows them through completing their New Agent On Boarding!

Print this document off, reference it daily until you understand how it works.

mySFGteam Recruiting Onboarding Platform Flow Graph

Platform Useage & CRM:
***Invest 10 minutes watching these videos or you will spend 30 minutes fixing problems because you didn’t!!***

Recruiting Landing Page:

This video walks you through what your candidate does prior to scheduling an interview from your Recruiting Landing Page (

Scheduling Interviews / Calendar Usage:

This short video explains how Candidates are able to schedule an interview using the online platform.

It also will show how to avoid simple mistakes Recruiters make that block their availability for scheduled interview slots!

Watch this video to learn how to input Candidates after your scheduled Interview time.

Failing to input EVERY INTERVIEW (regardless if you connect or not) will cause problems down the line. So make certain to properly label *EVERY* scheduled Interview! 🙂

***Invest 10 minutes watching these videos or you will spend 30 minutes fixing problems because you didn’t!!***

MST Coop Interview Script:

With the mySFGteam Coop, you are conducting a Second Interview. The first “interview” occurs prior to the interview being scheduled from your WWS (WorkWithSymmetry) site the PIQ domain. Treat this interview the same as you would if you had a physical recruiter calling resume’s prior to you getting on the phone with them.

Please DO NOT re-create the wheel. This script has been refined over YEARS and conducting THOUSANDS of interviews.

Print this off, practice, practice some more, use it, practice even more, use it some more… until it becomes natural for you (like the phone script).

Coop Interview Script

We have 2 ears and 1 mouth. This means while we do keep control of the conversation, we listen twice as much as we speak.
The key to this script is to have a CONVERSATION!

License Coach:

We have used several Licensing companies in the past and may use another one in the future.

Today, however, we use License Coach for all our Platform Recruiting purposes because we believe they are the BEST resource available!

We compared LC to a very popular (and good!) competitor, here’s what we found:
License Coach had over DOUBLE the agents who started the course, complete it!

We don’t have to be math geniuses to know this is mo better! 😉