Holiday Hustle!

This is the time of year where many agents (but not you, right?) throw in the towel and say, “I’m going to pick this back up again after Christmas, or worse yet, next year”!  Don’t be that agent!!

There are still people who want to protect their families and now is the best time to do that!!  

So, how do you overcome the frustration of no-shows, cancellations, and reschedules?  

Here are 3 tips to tighten up your activity level (because activity only counts when you are actually sitting with a family!): 

1) Schedule all your appts 30 min apart from each other so you can stay busy thru the no-shows! (If you get no-showed, by the time you call and send them them a reschedule text – see #3, you are reminding your next client about their upcoming appointment!) 

2) Schedule your appts on the :15 and :45 so ppl get the impression that this will not be a long appointment.  (People don’t want to “sit down” with a salesperson who is going to take a lot of their time…so remind them that we only need 15 minutes to see if we’ve got something that will help them!

3) Auto-reschedule your no-shows by sending them a professional text that says: “Your mortgage protection appointment has been rescheduled for (time/day – usually 24 hours out). You will receive a phone call from this number please be in front of your computer.”  Boom!!  Rescheduled!  

If you don’t like the feeling of chasing your clients….create situations with the above tips to keep your activity level high and watch those clients start chasing YOU!  Go help some families this week!

All the best,