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You Can Build Confidence!

In building your business, confidence is key! It’s the one trait that allows you to improvise and handle any situation effectively. The more confident you are, the better you’ll do in life. With confidence, the entire world becomes your playground and nothing is out of reach!

How do you build true confidence? Here are 4 psychological tricks that will help you build confidence:

  1. Gamify It – Confidence is built through learning and not taking failure personally! Turn your challenges into a game and “Go For No!”
  2. The Small Win  Anything that you want to build confidence in is nothing more than a huge number with small wins. And with each additional small win, you gain more confidence. From one small win to the next you won’t notice a huge difference, but over time as you gain more and more wins, you’ll say to yourself, “wow, I’m getting really good at this!”
  3. Fake it Till You Make it – What does that mean? To build confidence, simply start acting like the confident person you want to become. This includes doing things like speaking up for yourself and sharing your unique perspective without fear of what others will think. Each time you fake confidence, you take a risk – it may not turn out the way you want, but each time you fake confidence and it DOES work out, you gain a small win!
  4. Embrace the Challenge: Confidence is built when you embrace your failures and KEEP GOING! Keep fighting every challenge! When you fail, learn from it. Don’t take it personally and accept the next challenge. Keep the fight!

Confidence is so crucial in our business! Don’t ever let anyone tell you you can’t do something in life! You can learn to be confident at any age!! And when you do, you will be like a boulder rolling down the hill with all the momentum in the world! Practice these 4 tricks and you will grow in confidence!

All the best!