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Gear 5: FLOW

I think it’s appropriate to start our discussion of the 5 Gears with the 5th one – the “in the zone” one. 5th Gear is typically reserved for singular activities that require you to get into a “flow state”.

Flow is defined as a feeling of great inner clarity and energy that comes from total absorption in a task. It’s a state of high-productivity.

There is at least one time per week when getting into a flow state is of utmost importance: On the Phones

Here’s what Gear 5 is not:

Here’s what Gear 5 is:
Imagine a line from your tailbone grounding you to the center of the earth as you sit down to make your dials. That line keeps your butt in the chair for as long as necessary. Hunger pains? Eat beforehand! Have to go to the bathroom – save it for after you’ve set that next appointment! Reward yourself with a piece of chocolate or a nice stretch after you’ve set an appointment. And then, get right back to it!

Make Dials a Game
When you’re in a flow state, the task at hand all of a sudden becomes fun and time seems to speed up (or slow down, depending on how you want to see it).

Dialing is a singular activity
Even though we dial together on Zoom, or in person, dialing is still a singular activity. It requires you to find Gear 5 and maximize your productivity.

So next time you hit the phones, be intentional about entering into 5th Gear and find your flow!