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Lynn’s Big Secret

Want to know the secret to Lynn Whatley’s biggest month in the field?

My good friend Lynn Whatley had her biggest month in the field this January because of one thing: She connected with her WHY on a whole new level which inspired her to consistently work her business each and every week…which led to a record personal best of $26,707.06 in submitted premium (25 applications/10 families protected)!

People ask, how do I get someone to take action? The answer is: YOU DON’T. People take action because they are inspired. Inspiration comes from the outside, but motivation comes from the inside.

Most people’s WHY has nothing to do with purely making money, or self-sufficiency. What I have found is that the WHY that inspires YOU to take action, more often than not has to do with someone else.

There’s always a WHO behind a WHY. That’s why one of the first questions we ask on the phones and in the home is, “Who are you looking to protect.

Ask yourself that same question. The truth is, if you are not taking action in your business like you know you “should,” it’s probably because you haven’t spent enough time uncovering your WHY. You know you have one….you’re just not sure what it is. I can guarantee you it’s inside (I’ve been there!).

Take some time this weekend to journal and ask yourself some tough questions. Get with a loved on or your spouse and talk it through with them. I guarantee you if anything, this exercise will make your why and your dream BIGGER.

Here’s to big goals and dreams,