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Overcoming the Dreaded “Think About It”

If you’re like me, then hearing the words “I have to think about it” is like nails going down a chalkboard. Here’s some common “Think About its” and what I’ve found works to overcome them!

If they say they have to think about it it’s usually 1 of 3 things:

  1. They don’t like and trust you (work on building rapport on the front end!)
  2. The premium is too high (Assume it’s this one. Don’t say, “I guess you don’t like me” to your client – from personal experience, that doesn’t work too well – lol! Just go back to the drawing board to find a premium that they don’t have to think about!)
  3. They need more information. Be thorough! Review current policies and call current carriers to verify coverage type, face amount and premium. Spend enough time here and you will not only serve your client, but you will find more premium dollars!

Always assume the application.
Say something like this when you hear “I have to think about it”: “Great – there is definitely an evaluation period – on both ends – the insurance carrier also needs to put you through underwriting which takes a few days. I don’t actually take your first premium tonight – we are only filling out the application.” And then fill out the application.

(This approach works 99% of the time b/c you assumptively start filling out the application and when you get to the payment period you can say, “now if you get approved for this coverage, the insurance carrier likes for you to make your first premium upon approval or within 30 day of application and you get to pick the day that it’s drafted for the first time and ongoing. Is there a certain day of the month that works best for you?” Keep rolling thru it!)

Have you heard this one lately?
“I have to wait until my tax return comes to I can pay off some bills before I get this one started.”You: Let’s find a program that you don’t have to think about then. This is your mortgage protection/life insurance/burial coverage/equity protection – it’s not just another bill. And if you need to wait until you get your tax return, then the program you want is probably just a little more than you want to bite off. Let’s look at these other options…..

Overcome the Objection before it happens
It starts with your Role and Purpose:“Here’s how this works – I’m going to ask you a bunch of health questions to see what you qualify for, and financial questions to see what might be a good fit in your budget. I’m going to shop the different carriers and find you the best options. When you find a program that meets your needs and fits into your budget, I’m going to take your application for that coverage TODAY.”

Remember, your urgency is their urgency. TODAY is when we get the application. There is no better time than RIGHT NOW to help the family you are with.

Go out and CRUSH this week mySFGteam!