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Post Conference Activation!

  1. You made our first Virtual Conference a HUGE SUCCESS!!  Now, what are you going to do about it? 

    It’s a fact that folks who attend Conference move their businesses forward quicker!  The combo of new training, belief and inspiration make for an unstoppable force!  

    Be intentional about the factors that will contribute to your success:


    For every hour spent finessing your calendar, you gain 8 hours of productivity!  Make a plan, schedule the plan, communicate the plan, and then work your plan!! 


    What is your plan to get fresh leads each week?  Fresh leads are the lifeblood of your business!  You cannot survive this week off last week’s leftovers.  Talk to your Agency Owner and get a plan in place!

    Plug In

    How are you plugging into your team? Agents who plug in to Zoom, Daily Accountability and GroupMe show solid growth over time.  

    Game Plan

    Set up a time with your Agency Owner to put a Game Plan in place! Share with them your goals and vision for 2021.  

    I am more fired up than ever about this year…to be linking arms with everyone on this team…let’s go pass some people this year!! 

    All the best,