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We’re taking the bridge!

Last September Mike and I were texting with our sideline friends, Kyle and Lisa Kimbrell of the Danny Young Hierarchy.   Since we are part of that hierarchy, I’ve always considered them to be “business cousins,” and although we hadn’t really collaborated much up to that point, there was always a camaraderie and kinship there.  

“Well that escalated quickly!”

After a few friendly back-n-forth texts, we mentioned a vacation deal to Cabo and the next thing I know we had booked tickets!  I told Mike this trip with the Kimbrells could either be really awkward or really amazing.

It was amazing.

While in Cabo, we realized we had a lot in common, were like-minded in how we are building our teams, and there was a lot of room for collaboration.  Shortly after our trip I was invited to one of their leadership huddles where again, one thing led to another, and we decided to do a joint first-of-the-year Conference “Live from Vegas.” 

We learned a lot!

Conference was a huge success – we learned a lot about hosting Virtual Events (thank you all for your participation!!) and plan to continue the momentum with a Virtual Boot Camp Feb 20th leading up to Virtual National Conference in March.  

It felt like family.

We bonded like a blended family. The Kimbrell team brings a lot of great people to the table, as does the Pappas/mySFGteam leadership. The larger collaboration provides more belief, more inspiration, more voices, talents and capabilitiesWe now have a clearer vision for where we are headed.

What does the future hold? 

On the last day of the Virtual Conference, we took a group photo (see above) on a bridge that crossed over a plunge pool.  80% of the people in that photo are from the Kimbrell team.  I put a challenge out to myself and our team: next year this time, our team will be 100% of the photo!  

That’s the beauty of collaboration – we have a clearer vision of where we are heading! My question to you is: WILL YOU BE ON THE BRIDGE NEXT YEAR?  

There’s room for you!

All the best,