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256 Seaboard Ln

Well, we did it! After 7 years in this business, we opened a local office at 256 Seaboard Ln, Ste D102 Franklin, TN. Physical face to face interaction with our team on a regular basis is going to be a #gamechanger. Wherever you live, come and visit us sometime! This is YOUR office!!


We kicked it off this Friday with a product training from our partners at Mutual of Omaha and a Dial Team on Saturday! This local office will allow us to have weekly Debt Free Life workshops, Corporate Overviews, Sales Meetings, and Dial Teams – consistently every week.

Local Heroes
When you think of local heroes – you probably think of Firefighters, Police Officers, etc. Why not Life Insurance Agents? We are local heroes every time we go out protecting families.

Recruit Locally
When we recruit locally, and can get eyeball to eyeball with our new agents, we can develop local heroes a lot quicker.

Local Meetings
If you don’t have an office near you, don’t fret. We didn’t have one for 7 years…. But one thing we did do was get to EVERY MEETING within a 5-6 hour driving distance (sometimes more), and many times, we hopped on an airplane to get to a meeting. Why? Because business moves at the speed of trust and getting face to face with your upline, downline, and sideline is critical to relationship development – aka trust.

Find a meeting close to you and make it your #1 priority to get there!

We’ll see you soon,