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Be a Bulldog

Being back in the field is giving me some fresh eyes. Once you’ve got this business down, it’s like riding a bike. Making the calls, setting appointments, preparing and sitting in front of families – these skills are never forgotten once they are ingrained.

I’ve sat with the same families you do. The same people. The same situations. The same objections…. Here’s what I’m remembering:

Be a bulldog in the home.

Complacency sucks.
Accepting appointment cancellations, and letting people run you around, or tell you to come back next week….it doesn’t work!! Nobody wins. You’ve got to be fired up about protecting this family at this time no matter the cost (ie. being late or missing your next appointment).

Get the App that day!
The truth is, when you have the opportunity to sit with someone, that is your golden opportunity to protect them. I learned this the hard way last week. For various reasons beyond my control, I wasn’t able to take the application after agreeing on coverage amount and premium. We set up another appointment to meeting on Thursday. Which came and went. Friday came and went. Saturday came and went. And now I am left to stalking him and/or dropping by his house again at an unexpected time.

Lesson learned:
People are busy and you will never have their full attention more than you do at the very moment you sit with them. I won’t take it personal. But that’s another week that’s gone by that he’s not covered and his family is not protected. We have a responsibility here. Protect your family with an application on each sit!!! There should be very few instances where we go into someone’s home and don’t have something to offer them.

Want more? Stay tuned for next week’s installment.

Until then,