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mySFGteam Word of the Year!
Engagement is the strength of the mental and emotional connection team members feel toward the work they do, their teams, and their organization.
Our focus in 2021 is about creating an environment and culture of engagement! We have found that engaged agents, stick around, plug in, and make the 2 millimeter adjustments they need to succeed!
Ways to engage in 2021:
  • GroupMe – plug in to share wins (and struggles), ask questions, and encourage your teammates!
  • Zoom Dial Team (daily and weekly!)
  • Daily Accountability/Q&A
  • Team Calls
  • Conference!!
We have a huge opportunity to engage this weekend by plugging into the Virtual Launch Conference January 8-9! Make the most out of your engagement by doing the following to prepare for Conference:
  1. Register and plan to BE PRESENT for the entire Conference!! You won’t want to miss a second!
  2. Invite your spouse/partner to attend. This is always #1 priority when it comes to big meetings. As we say, “Your spouse/partner can’t make you succeed, but they can make you quit.” Get them “on your team” so they know what you do, and more importantly, who you are doing it with!
  3. Recruit, recruit, recruit! Our core carriers have sponsored the costs involved in putting on this Conference and we have passed those savings on to YOU! This is a free event – use it as leverage and get as many people there with you as possible! Maybe even host a “Watch Party” at your house!! The more people attend, the quicker your team will grow!!
We’ll “see” you in Vegas!! Register NOW!!
All the best,