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How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time…

Hopefully by now you’ve got your 2020 goals written down! And do they seem huge? I hope they do….and I hope they don’t! You see sometimes we set these huge goals and then when they are not accomplished in the timeline we think they should be accomplished in, we lose heart and become discouraged.

Discouragement is a dangerous place to be!

What’s the Solution?

The solution is not to make your goal too small.

As the saying goes, “shoot for the starts and you’ll reach the moon.”

So, we do need to have a big goal. The key is to remember that that big goal is made up of many smaller goals – monthly, weekly, and daily goals.

Productivity 101: Calendar

I’ll be sharing more productivity tips and hacks along the way, but if you are not using a calendar on a daily basis, that is the first place to start! I know it sounds basic, but we can’t build on our word of the year without the calendar being our foundation.


  1. Take your big goal, and divide it out into monthly, weekly, and daily activities
  2. Write your goals down for each week: If your goals is to do 20k as an agency in January, then put 5k as your weekly goal
  3. Next, schedule the daily activities (purchasing leads, dialing, preparing, and sitting in front of clients) into your calendar.

It’s amazing how once something gets written down into your calendar, forces of nature seem to come into play to make it come to pass. I’m excited to dive deeper into our word of the year!

Make your foundation strong, and have a productive week!