Can You Repeat that Please?

Have the Founders lost their mind, or do they live to create new ways to pay us?!?

Let’s Recap our *NEW Compensation & Benefits as of 8/1/20:

  • *NEW Promotion Guidelines starting at 70% – 120% – Everyone gets a 10% bump in contract level August 1st, 2020!
  • *NEW Producer Track to 120% Contract!
  • *NEW Fast Track Bonus – Submit $20,000 in your first month (and place 65%) – $1,000 bonus (“first month” starts the date of your first app submitted)
  • *NEW Fast Track Bonus – Submit $60k in personal production or $85k in team volume in your first 3 months = Special Invitation to the Symmetry Destinations Trip
  • *NEW Fast Track Carrier Kicker – Place 15k with Americo and receive a $1,000 bonus paid by Symmetry!
  • Producer Bonus with *NEW PPL Double Up – earn an extra 5% with your PPL!
  • Capital Bonus (same)
  • *NEW Sherpa Bonus – never have to worry about “getting flanked” on your way to 120!
  • *NEW 120 Bonus
  • Equity Bonus (same)
  • *NEW Wholesaler Track for Banks, Lenders, Credit Unions, Mortgage Brokers, PNC Shops with BIRD DOG BONUS (5% paid to you as an agent in good standing every time they produce)
  • Equity Appreciation Rights – grants offered for years 2019-2022
  • Passive Income Opportunities with QMS
  • World Class Travel Incentives
  • Protect the Protector with My Policy Program and *NEW My Health Program ()

What is this going to do for all of us? It’s not only going to put more money in our pocket, it’s going to increase production (help more families) and attract and retain more agents! This is a WIN all around!

I love what Sales Rep Kristin Hinkel said on GroupMe this week:
“I worked for the second largest accounting firm in the WORLD. My biggest bonus EVER was $3k for the year! When I did a good job they sent me gifts from Tiffany’s. Still doesn’t compare to what we have here!”

May our gratitude for this company and this opportunity be reflected in our activity – it’s one of the few things we can control around here – so let’s get out there and show Symmetry who’s grateful!

All the best,