Conference is the #1 Business Building Tool in our Industry! Have you hit the DONE BUTTON?
We’ve been breaking down the reasons to be at Conference through the lens of our 4 Cornerstones (Belief, Massive Action with Constant Correction/MACC, Personal Development and Association).
2nd Cornerstone: Massive Action with Constant Correction (MACC)
All the Belief you gain makes you want to work. But we’re not just talking putting in average effort. We are talking about Massive Action!! Conference expands your comfort zone (again, thanks to the 1st Cornerstone). Belief builds Confidence. What used to be outside of your comfort zone bottlenecking you, is gone! Evaporated! Disappeared!
I’ve always had my biggest weeks after Conference
When Belief is high, CONFIDENCE is soaring! Those are the weeks, I’ve put 25-30 appointments (today’s virtual equivalent) on the calendar. Those are the weeks I’ve shared this opportunity with more people than ever!
What I sacrificed and invested in on the front end, has always paid me back many times over on the other side….because I was INSPIRED TO WORK and had fresh energy to put in MASSIVE ACTIVITY!!
If you’re not at Conference…..well you probably won’t be here in 6 months…. That’s a sad and true statistic. Don’t be a statistic! Book your flights, hotel, and talk to your Agency Owner about how to get the best priced ticket for this life-changing event!
See you there,