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Have you hit the DONE button on Conference? It is after all the #1 business building tool in this industry!
If I were to break down the reasons to be there, I would start with the first Cornerstone: BELIEF. There’s no better belief-building opportunity than attending Conference. You’ve got to:
     1. Believe in what we’re selling
     2. Believe in the people around you
     3. Believe in yourself
Believe in what we’re selling
You will see our industry carriers up close and personal and will even get to attend a breakout session by one of our core carriers to learn more about the products we sell. Making that personal connection and attending a live training will 100% build belief in what we are selling!
Believe in the people around you
There’s no better way to build belief in your team, than to meet them in person and look them in the eyeball. I don’t know if I would be here if I hadn’t met Brandon and Casey my first week in the business. It sure was invaluable. Business moves at the speed of trust and this is a great opportunity to build trust with your team and move your business forward!
Believe in yourself
You might be in the middle of a struggle right now, and when you hear from someone who has overcome that same struggle into success, that builds belief that you can do it too! “If they can do it, I can do it.” Let that be your Conference Mantra.
If you’re not at Conference…..well you probably won’t be here in 6 months…. That’s a sad and true statistic. Don’t be a statistic! Book your flights, hotel, and talk to your Agency Owner about how to get the best priced ticket for this life-changing event!
See you there,