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The Slight Edge

I’ve decided to pick up and re-read the book The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson and encourage anyone to join me! Managing Partner Marshall Wayland recommends this book to every new agent in their first 90 days. It’s about the daily choices that lead us to success and happiness. Isn’t that what we are all here for (success and happiness)?

Take a look at the following Slight Edge habits:

1. Show up. This alone puts you in the top 20%.

2. Show up consistently. Now you are in the top 10%

3. Show up consistently with a positive outlook. Now you may be in the top 3%

4. Be prepared for and committed to the long haul. Decide now not to quit.

5. Cultivate a burning desire backed by faith.

6. Be willing to pay the price

7. Do the things YOU have committed to doing, even when no one is watching.

If we can stick to those 7 habits and do them every day, I can guarantee we will see a massive turnaround in our lives and business within the next 90 days. Will you join me?

All the best,