Conference is the #1 Business Building Tool in our Industry! Have you hit the DONE BUTTON?
We’ve been breaking down the reasons to be at Conference through the lens of our 4 Cornerstones (Belief, Massive Action with Constant Correction/MACC, Personal Development and Association).
3rd Cornerstone: Personal Development
Conference puts us in a situation where we are faced with who currently we are, and who we could be. There’s a gap:
  • I’m not an Key Leader yet, but I know I could be.
  • I’m not issuing 15k/month, but I know I could be.
  • I’m not on that stage yet, but I know I could be.
What do I need to do to get there?
Reading is one of the most efficient (and inexpensive) ways to grow personally. You are the sum of the books that you read and the people that you hang around. Putting new thoughts into your brain is so important!
When you meet someone at Conference who is where you want to be, one of the best questions you can ask them is – what were you reading when you were in my shoes?
My very first conference, Linwood Watkins said something from stage about a book called “How I raised myself from failure to success in selling.” I had never heard of it before, and it seemed like everyone in the audience had already read it… I was like “I gotta lot of catching up to do!” I went out and read that book and it had exactly the nuggets I needed in it!
Personal Development is such a huge aspect of our business we often joke and say we are in the Personal Development business, we just happen to sell life insurance. Conference will make that real to you. Be sure and register today!
See you in Vegas!