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Productivity = Freedom

We’ve just make it through the first half of 2020! I think it’s time we revisit our Word of the Year (WoY) – Productivity! I have asked myself recently, “What is my purpose for being more productive?” In light of Independence Day, I love the answer I found: Productivity should free you to achieve what is most important to you.

Productivity will give you these 4 Freedoms:

  1. Free to Focus on your Deep Work (Gear 5)
  2. Free to Be Present
  3. Free to Be Spontaneous (which includes the ability to handle the unexpected)
  4. Freedom to Do Nothing (New studies show that is actually healthy to be bored from time to time!)

So how do we increase our Productivity to experience more Freedom? More Time-Management? More gadgets, more technology, more apps?

Unfortunately, time is fixed. More time-management doesn’t work if we are dealing with a tired and exhausted mind and body. Energy flexesWe actually need to shift away from managing our time, to managing our energy. You may be surprised – it’s actually the simple things that allow you to get into Gear 1 and free up more energy for your success and growth.

These 5 rejuvenation practices will renew your energy and help unlock the productivity you are looking for! And the good news, is we can control all of these!

5 Rejuvenation Practices:

  1. Sleep!! (We subtly treat sleep as the enemy – but after weeks and months of not enough sleep, it’s the same as operating under the influence. How do I treat sleep? Do I believe that if I get more quantify and quality of sleep, it will help me achieve my goals?)
  2. Eat. Food is fuel. The way you fuel yourself is a big deal into your output. If I’m tired and run down, I’m generally not making good choices about what I eat.
  3. Movement – Move your body – Do what you love! Get some sunshine while you’re at it!
  4. Connection – How do you stay connected with your loved ones?
  5. Relax – This one requires disciplined practice. A relaxed mind is a healthy mind. It’s able to flex and be creative. Question: How do you relax?

These 5 practices are the catalysts for increasing your productivity. Start here first. Pick one area and then move on to the next. You’ll see your energy improve and your productivity skyrocket!

All the best,