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Your Support Team

Are you ready for the 5th and final Key from Michael Hyatt’s ?

TEAM is simply an acronym for Together Everyone Achieves More! In this instances, we are not referring to your peers, we are referring to the people who specifically help YOU to succeed – people that you have hired to assist you!

  • Your team enables you to bring your vision to reality.
  • Your teammates are a resource to you.
  • Your team enables you to stay focused on what you do best.
  • Your team enables you to expand your capabilities and your capacity.

This only happens if you LEARN HOW TO DELEGATE. Hiring support staff can seem challenging at first. Most of us fall into several common traps when it comes to delegating.

Here are 3 Top Mistakes to Delegation:

  1. Hesitation (“I might as well just do it myself”)
  2. Abdication aka “Dump and Run” (You don’t check progress or inspect results, then get upset when the project is not up to your standards.)
  3. Suffocation (aka Micromanagement)

Here are 5 Tips to Successful Delegation:

  1. Take inventory of all your tasks
  2. Identify your desire zones (this is where your passion meets your proficiency/skill set)
  3. Delegate what cannot be eliminated or automated
  4. Consider what it is costing you to do those tasks now
  5. Hire someone who will do those tasks for less than what you are being paid.

Delegate to Elevate!
If you are ready to invest in a team to take you to the next level, schedule some time with myself or your Agency Owner for some practical advice.

All the best,