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Evolution of Your Company

We had an exciting call this past Wednesday! And rumor has it, that’s just the beginning of more amazing announcements that will be unveiled this summer! For those of you who missed the call, or are still scratching your head as to what happened, here’s a simple recap of the two main programs that were released:

Equity Appreciation Rights (EAR)
The Big Picture Goal:

  • Symmetry Financial Group as a household name
  • Take over market share
  • Grow from 140 million to a billion. In essence, to “go to Mars” as National Sales Director Todd Spivey puts it.

The Nuts n Bolts: Symmetry Founders are giving away rights to 20% of the company to it’s Salesforce (15%) and Corporate Office staff (5%). Grants will be given retroactively for the year 2019 for Agencies and Career Producers who hit the metrics. If and when there is a “triggering event” within the next 10 years (such as a huge infusion of cash from a private equity firm or an IPO), those grants will be distributed. Grants will be issued each year through 2022.

What Does this Mean for You?
If you are brand new, maybe not much. But if you are a builder…if you are serious…..and building something big and solid….within the next 3 years, you have a chance to participate in these grants.

Quility Member Services (QMS)
Goal: True Passive Wealth Creation (This is something everyone can get excited about!!) Here is where our partnership with Asurea (pronounced “Ashura”) gets real.

Asurea has the call centers and trained sales force already in place to help you continue to service your book of business (even on lapsed policies!). They are especially trained in Advanced Markets (IULs, Annuities, DFL). As your client’s needs evolve, Certified QMS agents will help them and you’ll get a 40% application split. Currently, apps generated through this system average $2400 APV. Not bad for a follow up you didn’t have to do! You even get the override on your downline’s business! Now that’s generous!

What to do with all of this Information?
Clearly, both of these big announcements benefit agents who have already been here and are building a agency and a client base. They aren’t the type of announcements to market and recruit.

For now, knowing that we belong to a company where the Founders are actively seeking to Share the Wealth of Opportunity is enough to inspire the type of gratitude that will show up in our numbers. Brian Delaney said it best: “Let Gratitude Show up in your Growth Potential”.

Now is the time to work hard, share the opportunity, and work as a true team (Core Value #4). We have one more week in June – let’s make this our best week ever!

All the Best,