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I can remember my first year in the business and all the frustrations that went along with it. My biggest frustration was the “think about it” in the home. It was the inevitable response from most of my clients after we got all the way through the presentation.
I knew what the problem was. For me, the problem was THE WHY. I knew that we just weren’t getting a good enough why out on the table, and that was on me.
My brain latched onto the science of this business – the logical side of the sale. But how many of us know that this type of transaction requires both logic AND emotion? I hadn’t mastered the art of asking good questions.
I spent a lot of money on personal growth to figure out the problem. I purchased the Tony Robbins Sales Training and listened to it over and over in my rolling university to and from appointments, some as far as 3 hours away.
He said “The Quality of Your Life depends on the Quality of your Questions.” I knew then and there that the quality of my questions was poor. I pulled over to the side of the road, got out my notebook and started brainstorming better questions.
Looking back at those questions, they seemed very elementary. Basic things I was missing like “what would you like to see happen to your family if you were to pass away today?”
As I practiced the Art of Asking Questions, I got better at it. Over time, I became an expert. I’ll share with you some of my pro-tips next week : ) Stay tuned!
All the best,