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Here’s what we know: unless you get a strong WHY out on the table, along with demonstrating logical reasons to purchase, you won’t make a solid sale and help a family. You need logic and emotion. Art and science.
The Quality of your Life Depends on the Quality of your Questions.
How is the quality of the questions you are asking? Are they getting you the results you are looking for? What if I gifted you one of the easiest and best questions to ask in a home to draw out the why?
Would you start using it? I hope so!
Here it is:
You: On a scale of 1-10, 10 being disastrous, how difficult would it be for you if your spouse died tomorrow? (then WFA – Wait for Answer)
This is such a fun and easy question to ask! It really puts the thought into their mind – now they really have to think about what would happen if their spouse died! Remember, if they don’t feel like the idea came from them, it doesn’t matter what you tell them!
So they tell you what number from 1-10. What is your response? (Hint – go 7 layers deep!):
You: Tell me more about that.
You: Help me understand.
You: Play that out for me.
You: Why do you say that?
Make this a fun little exercise and play out several scenarios in your head. How deep can you go?
Use this magic question at the right time (always after you ask the health and financial questions – the science/logical comes first) – that’s where you will find the magic!
Have a magical week!