Gear 3: Social

Can I be honest? 3rd Gear is last in my natural gear order. It’s just not part of my natural wiring. And I know it’s important.

What does 3rd Gear look like?

  • Lunch with a friend
  • Round of golf
  • Weekend party
  • After work gathering
  • Game Night

I sacrificed a lot of Gear 3 time with friends and neighbors to build my business, only to find out… really happens in 3rd Gear! Why? Trust is developed in Gear 3 and business moves at the speed of trust.

I thought I was too important for “small talk,” too busy to slow down, or too exhausted for social time.

Thank God my husband is the opposite, or I would have no friends outside of work. Those friendships are a lifeline, they are our community, our village. They are what make us human.

I’ll admit. I often have to “psyche myself up” for social time – it’s an important discipline if you are wired like me. The email can wait. The text can go unanswered for a minute. The “small talk” can turn into genuine curiosity, which can lead to rewarding and fulfilling relationships. Don’t skip Gear 3!

Stay tuned for more gear-talk, and make your week outstanding!!