What’s Your Perspective?

We’ve all had to deal with a lot of change thrown our way lately. Change is never easy. It requires a certain amount of mental toughness and mental flexibility.

If you are waiting for this all to go away and for life to “get back to normal,” I have news for you. This is the new! Jump on the life raft with us!

We’ve learned how to do this business 100% remotely in a short period of time. In the long run, this new way of doing business is going to open up opportunities for growth for producers and builders alike.

Last week I shared on the top 5 reasons why I’m truly excited about this unexpected change of events:

  1. Open Borders. For the cost of your non-resident license, you can now work the million + leads in inventory in all 50 states!
  2. Enhanced Urgency. Our prospects and clients are legitimately thinking about their death like never before. Critical Illness policies are selling like hotcakes. APV has gone up! People are taking this seriously.
  3. Recruiting Opportunities. With over 3 million people now unemployed, we can help some of them! And for licensed agents, we can offer an opportunity for them to make money today! (This is an area I would spend a lot of time in)
  4. Leadership and Growth Opportunities. All great leadership is born through adversity. I love to see new leaders grabbing hold of this opportunity and lifting their lid. We need YOU to step up!
  5. Crossline Teamwork. Now that our local Overviews, Bootcamps and DFL workshops have been moved online, we can partner with other Symmetry agencies and capitalize on the synergy! Hint: find someone who’s a little better and a little faster than you and partner with them! You will grow so much quicker!

The word for today is “PIVOT.” The sooner we can pivot our hearts, minds and energy to this new way of working, the sooner we can make a lasting impact on ourselves and others. Isn’t that why we are here?

Keep plugging in to the Tuesday zoom webinars and all the Symmetry trainings to stay up to date on best practices, tips and tricks to growing your agency through these times of change! Make your April, May, and June your best months ever!