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Do you have an SBLO?

Every agent should have a Standing Bonus Lead Order (SBLO)!
All the Top Producers have one including Glenn Groff and Gabby Roethlisberger!!
SBLO’s provide the stability of knowing you are getting fresh leads every week – an important part of our SYSTEM (Remember, SYSTEM is an acronym for: Save Yourself Stress, Time, Energy and Money).
Fresh resources weekly are also one of the 4 Keys to a Successful Week(Schedule, Resources, Activity and Plugging into the System)!
Imagine that you are a manager of a restaurant and you didn’t have a standing order for the staples you will need each week: eggs, bread, lettuce, meat, cheese, soft drinks, etc.
What if you, as the manager, took the approach – “Well, I’ll just order more when I run out.” What would your job as the manager look like? It would probably look like you being in reactive mode constantly, placing several orders a week, and spending a lot of time working on just getting the basic resources to keep your restaurant open!
So instead, restaurant managers automate their orders! They know approximately how much of the staples they will need each week and just put it on automation. Now what does the manager’s job look like? The manager is now free to focus on higher level needs for the restaurant’s success – maintaining quality control, customer service, and creating a winning atmosphere.
Would you rather be like the first restaurant manager, constantly in reactive mode and working on low level fundamentals of growing your business?
Or would you rather be like the second restaurant manager who automates the fundamentals and then can now put their time and energy into something more beneficial?
When your lead order is automated each week, that takes a huge load off of your mind – you can now put that energy into dialing, setting appointments, and sitting with families.
Automate the fundamentals and you’ll be able to work on skill development, which is what will get you closer to your goals! Thanks Agnese Kerstena for the perfect analogy! Talk to your Agency Owner and set up your SBLO today!
All the Best,