Is it just me, or did this pandemic bring a lot of self-awareness to the surface?

I’ve seen myself at my best and at my worst, in a very short time-frame.

I also learned some valuable lessons about crisis and opportunity in general.

Here’s my Top Five:

  • For every crisis/problem presented, there is an equal/greater opportunity underneath.
  • Never delay taking corrective action once the problem has been recognized. Hoping for better conditions in the future so the problem will solve itself is a fool’s game. Procrastination magnifies problems and failure to recognize realty is delusional.
  • Almost everything takes longer than you think it will and technology can be fickle. Plan for delays and bumps.
  • Creating a new “start from scratch” schedule is the first step in taking long-term action.
  • Being aware of and managing emotions during a pandemic is a full time job. Create positive ways to care for yourself. Motion moves emotion.

What do you say? I say it’s time we start reaping the lessons of this crisis! What have you learned about yourself? About your business?

Take some time this week to journal and reflect:

  • How are you a different and stronger person on the other side of this?
  • What did you learn about yourself or others that shocked you?
  • What mistakes did you make?
  • How have you changed?
  • What disciplines have you put in place?

I would LOVE to hear your responses if you would be so generous to share with me by responding to this email. Let’s collectively reap the lessons we’ve learned!

With love,