We Follow the System!

Have you ever played the game “Simon Says”? It’s usually done in a group setting where you have to do the physical movement that the leader “Simon” says to do. If Simon doesn’t say it, and you do it anyway, you’re out.

Winning at Symmetry is like a big game of Simon Says. It’s a simple game. Simon is the System and we need to follow the System!

What does “following the system” mean?

  • Plug into calls (at least 3 per week)
  • Plug into your team (team calls, GroupMe, Zoom Dial Team)
  • Align with the Core Values
  • Study the Four Cornerstones
  • Practice the 4 Keys to a Successful week (Schedule, Resources, Activity, System)
  • Plug prospective agents into the weekly Corporate Overview
  • Counsel with your Growing Upline (whoever in your upline is plugged in, growing, and working the system)

Following the Symmetry System can best be described as people who LWAC.


Don’t lose the game by making up your own rules, creating your own system, and not listening to Simon!

Simon Says is fun!! Let’s play, TEAM!!