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mySFGteam Core Values

As I was training in our new recruiter, it was important for me to share with her the QUALITIES of the people we are looking for. In addition to Symmetry’s Core Values, mySFGteam has Core Values that are important to us as a team:

7 Core Values

  1. Humility – this business will crush your unhealthy ego if you have one. “Your ego is the most expensive thing you own” – Casey Watkins
  2. Integrity – operating with truth, trustworthiness and character.
  3. Edification – we edify each other, the system, and our leadership. *we have no room for gossip, and when communicating we GO TO THE SOURCE!
  4. 2 mm adjustments – constant and never ending improvement (CANI) 2 mm at a time!
  5. Teamwork  Together Everyone Achieves More!
  6. Hustle – What we lack in skill we make up for in activity. We Make Money (and Keep it!)

Take some time this week to uncover YOUR Core Values! Once identified, you will be CLEAR on who you are looking for and who will make a good fit for your team!

Be sure and read further for important CASH BASH announcements and have a great week!