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We Make Money and Provide for our Family!

Another of our Core Values: We Make Money and Provide for our Family!

What does this mean?

First and foremost, we are PROVIDERS. We take care of our family by earning money with this amazing opportunity.

Not only do we make money, we keep it. (Once I figured out how NOT to get a chargeback, I rarely got them!)

How do we do this?

We focus 80-90% of our business on simplified issue term and whole life products to help our families get covered quickly and efficiently.

—We learn to think like an underwriter – We study applications and underwriting guides to fit our clients with the right product that they will get approved for.

—We focus on carriers who have a high issue rate (top 2 are MOO and John Hancock).

—We place our clients with products that they can afford, have value, and easily fit into their budget.

—We are diligent with our pending business (first 10 min of every day).

—We track our business with the net placed report.

—We follow up with our clients (we are not a one-and done agent).

—We keep our pipeline full! We put apps in every week. If we are traveling, we adjust our schedule accordingly – you can take 5 days off if you put apps in the first 2 days! You can even double up and work 2 weeks worth in one week!

Like Danny Young says, “You miss a day you miss your week, you miss a week, you miss your month.”

Providing for your family is just as important as protecting your client! It’s up to you to make the most of this opportunity we’ve been given – make November an outstanding month!